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OpenSooq is the number one Arabic classifieds platform in the Middle East with over 2 billion monthly pageviews. We connect buyers and sellers in real-time to be able to sell, buy, get a service or a job. 

OpenSooq has over 160 team members and is entrusted by over 45 million unique people and businesses trading on our platform to sell over USD 25 billion worth of items annually and excluding the value of job openings and services being filled.

We make the process of buying or selling substantially easier and faster than the norm, as the platform is built to be safe and accessible to everyone, whether you are a company or an individual.

Since inception in 2008 and registration in 2012, OpenSooq continues to innovate and service its customers by helping them to buy, sell or advertise a service or job opening. 

OpenSooq has become the Arab users first online marketplace choice in the MENA region while operating in 19 different countries including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Qatar, Palestine, Algeria, Morocco, Mauretania, and Tunis. 

OpenSooq strives to provide a safe and trusted online environment to connect directly sellers and buyers without the need of having a medium or to pay any kind of commission. We have over 120 categories such as Autos, cars, real estate, electronics, video games, cell phones, furniture, clothes and fashion items, books, magazines and all different kinds of services and sectors as well. 

Our Vision

We empower people and businesses to realize the economic opportunity, fulfill dreams and desires and improve society. 

How it Works? 

You can download our applications on iOS or Android for the best experience or use our website to buy or sell or apply for a job or get or provide a service.


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