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The most frequently asked questions about Apartments for Rent in Qatar

How many apartments for rent are on Opensooq Qatar ?

Number of apartments for rent in Qatar is 70

How many Premium ads are for apartments for rent in Qatar ?

Number of Premium Ads for apartments for rent in Qatar is 1

How many real estate agents are on opensooq Qatar ?

Number of real estate agents in Qatar for apartments for rent is 1

How many furnished apartments for rent in Qatar ?

Number of furnished apartments for rent in Qatar is 18

Apartments for Rent in Qatar

Apartment for Rent


An apartment is a residential unit which is located within a residential complex consisting of many floors, and each floor of this residential building consists of at least one apartment or more. These residential apartments are leased to the residents or owned by them without extending the property to the land on which the complex was built. Residential apartments are characterized by their low price when they are compared to single houses, in addition to the numerous advantages of the vertical construction, instead of the horizontal construction, especially in huge cities, which face the increasing growth of the population.

Apartments Furniture

Furniture is what an apartment needs to be a suitable place for human living so that it provides the amenities and facilities that a person needs in his daily life. Furniture is mainly made of wood, fabric, sponge, leather in addition to metal and recently plastic has been used in many household items such as benches and tables. The furniture industry is considered as one of the arts that follow international fashion and trends in home decoration and interior design.

Apartment for Rent

Choosing the appropriate apartment is an issue and a concern of many of us, especially finding an apartment for rent for stability, so the decision to search for an apartment for rent must be considered in several ways, it may cause material or moral losses to ignore prior searching and studying of the real estate market, such as frequent transfers, or defaulting on payment methods, and other problems that may change the life of an individual and his family from a dream of stability to a nightmare.

Moving to New Rented Apartment

In the case of willing to move to a new rented apartment, there are many things you should take care of including checking the apartment before moving as well as special furniture. One of the most important basics for preserving furniture and appliances is to take care of the packing materials of paper, sponge, and cardboard, they are sufficient to carry any kind of furniture as well as ensuring that the furniture and home appliances are properly removed and sealed without loss of nails, etc. Another thing should be taken into consideration is the location of the newly rented apartment.

Apartments Rent Prices in Qatar

Apartments’ rental prices in Qatar are ranged between 1,800 Qatari Ryal and 13,500 Qatari Ryal depending on many criteria including the size of the apartment, the age of the building, and the location of the apartment. There are many other options with low prices such as Available on OpenSooq Website.

Other Accommodations in Qatar

Other than apartments, many accommodation types are available in Qatar such as Villas, rooms, as well as internal residences. This variety of options and accommodation types served foreigners in Qatar in choosing the suitable property for them and their families, they might travel to Qatar as individuals, groups, or families, and each one of them needs to rent a suitable property which fulfills their needs and requirements.

The Best of the Best

You can find plenty of options for available apartments for rent in Qatar on the OpenSooq Website in addition to the ability to find either furnished apartments for rent or unfurnished apartments for rent. Check OpenSooq Website, it provides the service of advertising your properties for rent, products, as well as electronic machines.

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