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Men's Fashion for Sale in Qatar .

Fashion for men

Men’s fashion style in Qatar

Men in Qatar of all ages are focusing on their image and looking sharp in a healthy way, the thing is to be sharper than other guys is simple if you know this little stuff about Being a classy gentleman which means intelligence and politeness.

Unfortunately, the art of class has been almost lost in today's society, but still, it's a trait we all respect and admire. At least nowadays we do understand that there is a relationship between self-presentation and self-esteem.

Simple advice to be a classy gentleman

These tips will get you all the attention you need without asking for it because attention comes alone from good behavior.

  • Always be clean: Your hair and fingernails should be short and neat.

  • Be confident.

  • Be polite.

  • Think before you speak or act.

  • Honor your word and keep your promises.

  • Keep your voice toned down.

  • Be courteous: Hold doors for people, pull out chairs for women when they sit.

  • Stand and sit straight up.

  • Wear clothes that fit the situation.

  • Don't wear strong colognes.

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Look and think sharper with these simple steps

  • Keep your wardrobe organized.

  • Throw out anything you haven’t worn in over a year.

  • Understand color contrast.

  • Spend more money on fewer pieces of clothing.

  • Wear seasonal colors.

  • Practice rolling up your shirtsleeves in different ways.

  • The color of your socks should be matched to the color of your trousers.

  • Get a pair of colored trousers.

  • Expand your belt collection.

  • Wear a scarf.

Style pieces that are now leading in men’s fashion

  • Cropped trousers.

  • Corduroy.

  • Light-wash denim.

  • Mismatched prints.

  • Sling bags.

  • Vintage watches.

  • Neck scarves.

  • Quarter socks.

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 Mistakes you should avoid when choosing your clothes

  • Never forget wearing a wristwatch: A wrist watches add special charm to a person's appearance and remember each type of watch has its occasion.

  • Never wear sunglasses indoors: Sunglasses were not made to wear inside buildings, just wear glasses in the right place.

  • Never Wear white socks: Don’t draw attention to your sock. If you don’t play sports, then don’t wear white socks.

  • Never wear long loose-fitting pants: One of the worst mistakes a man can make is wearing baggy pants.

Always Match Your Leathers

When wearing leather pieces always pay attention to be wearing the same tones of leather, because the shiny material of leather makes mixing leather pieces fight for attention.

Who can help me find out what fits me more and where to buy my clothes

It seems like there’s a lot to know about good style, are you looking for buying clothes and knowing the tips and advice on how to buy them? Well, you are in the right place, because Opensooq will give you the right advice and a wide collection of online stores to buy from. We give you the first part, but the second part is on you.

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