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Video Games for Sale in Qatar

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Video Games for Sale in Qatar
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Video Games

About Video Games

They are games programmed by computer systems and usually played in video game systems where they are shown on TV after the device is connected to it. The video game input device is usually the control hand, buttons, keyboard, mouse, etc. Video games can be played on special devices connected to the TV, portable devices, computers, mobile phones, or handheld computers.

Video Games History

The history of video games dates back to the early fifties of the last century when some computer scientists and academics began making simple simulation games as part of their researches, in the sixties developed academics and students played some simple games that were playing on older computers. Video games did not reach widespread popularity until the eighties of the last century when video games and peripherals for games such as joysticks, buttons, and other consoles were introduced and marketed alongside home computer games for the general public. The nineties witnessed a revolution in the history of video games, wherein this era the transition to 3D video games and mobile platform games was added.

Video Games Types

Games types vary in their platform including adventure, RPG, FPS games, third perspective shooting games, sports, racing, space shooting, fighting, action, puzzles, simulation, role-playing games, and strategy games (RTS) in addition to web games that are played over the Internet, and which are often team games that are called MMORPG, where many players from different regions play at the same time.

Video Games Platforms

The following list is the platforms on which video games are played:

Pros of Video Games

Recent studies indicated a link between playing video games and improving people's decision-making abilities and cognitive flexibility, as scientists have found a noticeable difference between the brains of individuals who frequently play video games with those who do not. Video games according to studies increase the size of the brain that is responsible for careful control of motor skills, memory formation, and strategic planning. Video games can also play an important role in treating a variety of brain disorders and conditions resulting from brain injury, studies also indicated that playing certain video games can improve the efficiency of visual attention.

Cons of Video Games

Video Games Shops in Qatar

There is a large group of shops that provides the costumers with video games in Qatar, some of which are recommended to deal with, the following list is for some of the best video games shops in Qatar:

Video Games Price in Qatar

Video game prices depend on several factors such as the device it belongs to, the age of the game, as well as the type of the game. Video game prices in Qatar range between 90 Qatari Ryal and 150 Qatari Ryal on OpenSooq Website which is the best way to get any product including video games in addition to other available things.

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